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Consulting Services

Provides you with a business requirements assessment, solutions design and project plans. We bring our datacenter and wide client integration experience to bear in the areas of hardware and operating system infrastructure, application delivery and provisioning systems, local and wide area network systems, and network/server security. The results of a Professional Integrations Proof of Concept can include an ROI analysis with the technical validation as well as presentation assistance. Professional Integrations will perform technical feasibility studies of:

   · Application Deployment Technologies

   · Network Optimization Systems

   · System Health Tracking

   · Mobile Networking Technologies

2019-PI-Support-Logo-Med-web.png (Managed Services) will help your business grow and allow you to focus on your business instead of IT. is a customizable program to enable the delegation of desired systems management responsibilities to our team. We can either enhanced your IT team or be your IT team!
Our Managed Services is a solution for companies who want a world class IT department without all the expense and headaches of staffing and maintaining this department in-house. provides you with a single contact to solve all your IT issues plus routine scheduled visits to perform preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. has decades of advanced IT experience to help your company through any challenge.

​Networking Services

Professional Integrations Networking Engineers have deployed networks into enterprise accounts and have the experience to handle any job that comes there way. We have strategic partnerships with key vendors such as Cisco, Sonicwall, Watchguard, Ipswitch, Barracuda and Bluecoat to name a few. These tight allowances allow us to provide our customers with rapid equipment rollouts, priority technical support and the best savings. Some of the services we offer our customers are:

   · Network Health and Security Analysis

   · SSL VPN & Web Access Solutions

   · Hot-Site Implementation

   · Packet Shaping and Content Filtering

System Design Planning

Our customers engage our most senior technical staff to assist in the design and implementation of a system solution that is based on Professional Integrations large breath of experience and proven best practices. We will design an infrastructure that will best suit your IT needs and focus on what will optimize your overall company productivity with little to no downtime.

Project Management

Our Technical Project Management team will set realistic expectations and meet deadlines during the implementation of your infrastructure. The Scope of Engagement is determined during the creation of the Statement of Work and includes detailed project planning.

System Auditing

Professional Integrations will review the most critical configuration settings of a customer’s application deployment and/or network infrastructure and delivers an assessment and remediation report.

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