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Who we Cater to...

Professional Integrations caters to all professional industries.  We specialize in Academic, Healthcare, Amusement, Hospitality, and Financial industries which gives you comfort knowing that we understand what your needs and requirements are.

With 30+ years in the industry, we can guarantee we will be part of your team and provide the most optimal support and recommendations available to keep your business current and compliant.  

K-12 &  Higher Education

We offer services to K-12 and Higher Education customers. We are partnered and Academic Certified with leading vendors such as Microsoft and VMware who offer Academic specific products providing greater competitive pricing and value in the market.

Hospitality & Amusement

We understand that maximum uptime with little to no downtime is number one in the Hospitality and Amusement industries for maximum efficiency and profitability. With the products and services we offer, we have the ability to provide you with a secure, PCI compliant, optimized infrastructure that will improve your productivity.


Our knowledge and 20+ years of experience in the financial industry will exceed your expectations.  While optimizing your infrastructure with mobility, security and redundancy you can rest assured company productivity and security will always be at it's highest.


Our expertise and knowledge within the Healthcare market will make you feel confident that your infrastructure will be secure and efficient, while maintaining HIPAA Compliance.  We hold the VMware Healthcare Sepcialization showing our knowledge and experience within the industry.

Commercial - SMB to Large Enterprise

Our product and service offerings are available to grow as you grow. Whether you have 5 employees now and 5000 employees later, we have the ability to support your IT infrastructure to optimize your IT efficiency so that you can focus on the productivity of the staff rather than the ongoing technology support and maintenance.

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