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Secure IT Solutions

for a more secure


P.I. helps companies deliver applications to their users securely and rapidly while reducing the overhead of managing their technology systems.  We are I.T. efficiency experts with over 50 years of combined experience working inside various sized technology teams and we bring that knowledge to your team to help your business succeed.  

Cloud Computing Solutions

pi.Support managed services 
is now a P.I. featured solution offering. 
How would you like to reduce your I.T. overhead while gaining quick access to high-end techs to solve even your most difficult technology issues?  A partner -based technical staff works around the clock and saves you time & money!

Microsoft Office365/Azure
PI can expertly deploy Microsoft Office365 services successfully for your business.

Microsoft Exchange Online
We have the experience and track record to get your users migrated fast & correctly. 

Datto  Cloud BackUp

Our engineers have the ability and knowledge to safely and securely backup your data, protect it from ransomware and restore it when needed.  The Datto cloud backup can be catered to your needs.  

Virtual Desktop Solutions

Citrix Virtual App & Virtual Desktop
Do you have users at remote sites running your production applications on local PC's?  There is a better way than putting servers and full-desktops at remote sites... 
Citrix Virtual App & Desktops (VDI) is the best & easiest solution with a great ROI!

Our team are industry leading experts in all that is Citrix.  With over 30 years combined experience delivering Citrix solutions, you can count on Professional Integrations to deploy rapidly and under budget.

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

A Next-Generation I.T. team:
Utilizing cloud technology and solutions to simplify, stabilize, and reduce the cost of maintaining a business computer system.

PCI & HIPAA Compliance

Rapid Compliance Remediation

We have the the right security solutions for you, whether you have...


10 employees or 10,000 employees. We strategically partnered with leading vendors in the security marketplace, providing a complete hardware and software solution to protect your infrastructure and  achieve required compliance.

Barracuda Mail Security 
Gives you peace of mind that your email is safe to open for your users.

Including Barracuda Essentials
Email Security for Office365 that verifies all inbound and outbound messages, including providing link protection to prevent unsafe web links from being presented to your users.   This help protect against ransomware infiltrations through malicious web links to unsafe websites.


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